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About the brand

We believe in making things simple and useful.
In a world of industrial production, we create small series of timeless products.

We are passionate travellers and nature lovers.
These experiences are the foundation of our creative process.
The result is something beyond the product, it is a valuable memory for experiences and this is why our products are about feelings rather than trends.

In our work, we pay attention to every detail, from choosing the raw materials to sewing interiors, and from working with colours to final packaging.
Our products are natural.
They change the way they look over time, just like all of us.
The work, we do it ourselves, with our hands and our minds and our passion. This is our craft.

Our values


Love for Nature

When you look at things up close, when you observe and make sense of the details in colors, textures and patterns, the possibilities to get inspired for the design and functionality we need in our lives are endless.


Curiosity to Travel

You never know when and where inspiration strikes you.
Break out of your comfort zone and open your eyes to new possibilities.
A font on a bus, a fruit in a market, a graffiti tag on a wall, all these will update your visual library and your ideas on how to live better.


Inspiration from People

Being present makes you understand more.
If we are aware of how people behave outside, of how they interact with things around them, of what they need when they are on the move, then we can make their life easier.


We are all telling ourselves a story about the person we are.
Bruiaj is a positive disturbance, a tribute to change, and a celebration to the perpetual state of mind that makes us reinvent ourselves everytime we need to.
Our brand is a compliment to utility and simplicity. Our products are designed to be versatile, practical and timeless. Bruiaj is nothing but a story of reinventing the self.
We believe that people and nature are one. With care for the environment and us all, we choose to work with leftover leather batches of the big fashion brands.
This is why our colour catalogue is always changing. We like to believe it reflects how all of us are in a perpetual transformation.
When we are spending money in the community we live in is not only about sustaining economic growth in our neighbourhood, but also about shortening distribution chains and protecting the environment.
Buying from local producers is not just a fashion choice. It’s a contribution we can make personally for our present prosperity and for a more sustainable future together.
How we behave collectively is how we live together.

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The team

Magdalena Neicu

The ideas and principles behind my work are closely related to design as a form of understanding and solving problems. My design philosophy expresses the interrelation between nature, exploration through travel and people. Eventually everything connects.

Linda Szabo

My passion for beauty was born from childhood and later I decided to train and work in the field of design, where through drawing and products I can transmit my vision and give a kind of happiness to other people.

Ada Marinca

I am a visual designer that always saw design as a way to tell stories. So, I blend together ideas, thoughts and concepts to craft inspiring and engaging design experiences that tell the story of the brand.

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